Sunday, May 31, 2009

Seems like forever..

Seems like forever since I've posted anything. I've been enjoying the deck, the sun, and "The Joy Luck Club" by Amy Tan.

I added yet another year to my life this month, and now am officially halfway between 30 and 40. Still not a fan of ice cream (please note my cake. Big Mister and the kiddies love ice cream), still hate drama, and wish I could be 17 again just for one day.

I spent last week making these little lovelies. I haven't even attempted to create in the past few weeks so it felt pretty good. Lots of trial and error but finally, a finished product. I love them.

Spent today reorganizing the shop and dressing the window. Some new stuff, and a replenishment of some hot sellers. These pictures look so blah but the shop in real life is sparkly and digital camera doesn't do it justice.

These Papaya prints are hot! I love them and I think they speak to most people. Not to mention, the artwork is divine. (And each one has something glittered...)

So I'm open again this weekend so you know the posting will be sparse until I can get a handle on multi-tasking. So not there yet.

June's dates and hours:

June 4-6;
Thurs 5-8p.m.
Friday 12-8p.m.
Sat 9-5 p.m.

June 11-13
Thurs 5-8p.m.
Friday 12-8p.m.
Sat 9-5 p.m.

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♥ Lindsay ♥ said...

Your candy jars are ridiculously cute! I am seriously inspired!