Sunday, December 21, 2008

No, I really don't have 567 "to-do's" on my bucket list. Just sounded better than #20. The pajamed princess ornament was also featured on One Pretty Thing so I must give some love to Rachel and her awesome sight. Thousand of darling to-do's, neatly organized, and hand selected.

That my friends, is #567 and 1/2-CHECK.

I spent the day baking cookies with little miss and mister..literally there was flour and food coloring everywhere but we had a great time. Little Mister asked to wear an apron--my heart skipped with glee when he donned the original Fruity Bitch apron and did a little dance. His first comment was, "Mom, I think you need boobs to wear this thing." (Maybe they help, but he sure looked cute, er, handsome?)

After cleaning up the "glue" (what happens when you mix flour and water), I hightailed it up to the studio to finish an order I promised for Monday.

Turned out very cute, if I say so myself. Present for a "friend" from a "friend" but after receiving this they may just end up as more than friends. I ran out of pink cardboard cake boxes and had to substitute. (Martha Stewart, or her packaging, saves the day.)

So, that's it for today. One more official day of work, one more to finish Christmas shopping, and then pure home hang-out time..bliss.


redchuckstress said...

Great work on the apron and perfect patterns!

Maggie said...

Ive been making aprons for a local bakery for about a year now. Im still new to it. I LOVE that your apron is packaged in that peekaboo box! Im going to suggest something like that to my girl at the bakery, if you dont mind...

Feel free to check out the aprons I've done at

Oh, and I did the photo "princess ornament" for a couple friends this year. This inkjet printing on fabric excites me to no end. THANK YOU for sharing!