Monday, December 15, 2008

Bucket List #567-Check.

The Market is both killing me (not really,but I'm tired of finding stray strings hanging everywhere) and causing me immense joy this Holiday season. I've got orders that I need to complete before Friday but let's face it..we all need a time out. I took one tonight. Bad girl, I'll regret it on Thursday when I'm up until midnight.

We (the subscriber's of the Bella Ezine Comfort and Joy) are on day 8 and I've yet to play with any of the awesome tutorials Ms. Silver Bella herself, Teresa McFayden, has put together. Seriously, if you are in an "inspiration slump", these will yank you right out. There's a little sneak peek at Vintage Indie of Day One.

So, friends, my version of Day 1:

There she goes again with the damn glitter..I know.

Please note: The center silhouette is a freebie (the good kind) courtesey of Vol. 25..Her purpose was to use them as gift tags but,oh the possibilities.

And, Oh yes, the bucket list part.....

Bucket List #567-Publish Something

The writer gig is up there on my top things to do before I die.

However small it may seem, The Pajam-ed Princess Ornament Tutorial, which I wrote and designed, was featured on a crafting blog-Whip Up. I'm going to count this as, "publish something." for now. Thanks Kathreen for the press. Go on over there and visit-your inner crafty girl will explode with glee! (I'm doing the woo-hoo dance as we speak)

One more useful yet random tool I just learned about. If you read more than 5 blogs a day-use google reader. The seasoned blog community is yelling at their computer screens, "Duh, chick, it's like been around forever." But, this newbie is thrilled. It's like e-mail for blogs. Keep track of all the blogs you read and when they're updated. You don't have to visit each one--a little efficiency to our lives is never a bad thing.

Get out your notebooks,kiddies, and make that bucket list...2009 is right around the corner and you never know when you just might get to cross one off.


Stacey said...

Congrats on crossing #567 off the list!! said...

Wait are you being sarcastic or do you really have 567 things on your bucket list?!?! Lol!