Thursday, November 13, 2008


I haven’t had much to say lately nor have I wanted to hear my voice write anything anecdotal.

In the past weeks, I have been receiving 4 caring bridge site updates to my inbox on almost a daily basis. If you are unfamiliar with Caring Bridge, it is an internet outlet for those who are sick and/or hospitalized to keep their friends and families “in the know” and allow you to electronically voice your support, your prayers, your wishes to the patient and their family.

There is Ms. Courage who is battling ovarian cancer, Mr. and Mrs. Together at Last who have a baby awaiting a bone marrow transplant who have several other children at home who have been in the hospital for too long, Mrs. Ray of Happiness who has two small boys and a young husband who has suffered a stroke, and Mrs. Eldest Girl who, too, has cancer everywhere and is doing everything in her power to live.

So, I don’t like out-dated hairstyles, hot dish, or Facebook. So, I can shop. Big freakin’ deal. Doesn’t it all seem so trivial? These people just want a normal life back and here I am—blah, blah, blahing. There is some guilt associated with my ramblings but….

It goes on and that’s just it. It will always be something. Herein, lies my lesson for today. Live your life. One has no idea when the game will change. “Normal” today just might not be “Normal” tomorrow.

What I Know for Sure Today (can you tell who graced my mailbox recently?):
1.) I have a lot to learn.
2.) The phrase “If I knew then, what I do now…” now makes sense.
3.) When it comes to moments in your life, the word random is never involved.
4.) What goes around, comes around.
5.) Attitude really is everything.
6.) You get out of it as much as you put into it.

I also have a few new quotes I “randomly” came across today:




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