Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A few observations today:

By the way, Happy Birthday, Ma.

I read somewhere once (I have no idea if there is any truth in this) that our heads, due to its size and shape, resonate sounds differently.

That being said, it is safe to assume (in my opinion) that
*Certain sounds can either:

A.) Harmonize with our inner tone creating a soothing, relaxing response or

B.) Create a “fork across a plate” shriek that when heard, makes us want to grind our teeth and snap like a jealous dog.

I’m convinced that it is scientifically possible to have reaction B to the sound of someone else’s voice. I’ve been trying to figure out how I can be so irritated by someone that is so nice.
Eureka! The notes F flat and G sound just fine played separately, but together they make a really ugly sounding chord.

What’s a woman to do? I’ve heard that Pamprin might change the shape of my resonating chamber so that I can sit for 8 hours without the hair rising on my neck.

I am also fascinated by the studies done on the differences between my Generation X tendencies vs. those of my younger peers. I witnessed something that I have not yet read about in any article. It happened two days in a row, by two different people so there must be something to it.

You ready? These Y’s like to carry things.

Perhaps an evolutionary shift caused by the “consumerism” in this country-practice toting 10 lbs of excess baggage so you may case two tiers of the MOA before you need to make a trip to the car? I have no idea.

Case in point, following a young Y out the door yesterday. A huge bag the size of two year old draped over her right shoulder, a purse attached to her right forearm, keys in right fingers. In her other hand, a mini cooler for her lunch (you know the size..a six pack of beer fits nicely in these), and across her index finger a neon green Nalgene water bottle was dangling. I thought to myself, who needs this much shit to go to work? I’m dying when I have a purse and a laptop bag to carry.

This morning, it happened again. A purse, an extra large Vera Bradley, the Nalgene water bottle (this time it was pink) and the lunch bag.

This might not be that earth shattering but as a mother, it kills me. Motherhood teaches you efficiency-we don’t do bags for each purpose. One bag-wallet, lunch, water bottle, excess crap.
Keep it light because there is no doubt that you will be, in addition to your bag, carrying 20 extra pounds of thrashing toddler sometime that day. Am I getting old? Unhip to the ways of fashion? What can you possibly have in that big bag that you’ll need during the hours of 8 and 5?

Anyone have insight into this? (Next thing you know, I’ll be complaining about how many miles I had to walk to school in my bare feet.) Whatever it is, these future 30-somethings are going to either have spines of steel, huge biceps, or some serious posture issues.

One more and it speaks for itself.. horoscope from Monday. Go figure.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21). You have no problem figuring out what it is you want. The trouble comes when you realize that you'll have to wait for it. Try not to think of waiting as a static condition. All the while be busy making yourself ready.

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