Sunday, October 19, 2008


Spent today finishing a custom apron order-from a husband to his wife-(yikes!). Not sure how a wife will feel being given an apron for her birthday. But, if someone gave me one that is as cute as this one, I might be inclined to forgive.

Spent the rest of the weekend tending to family matters. (Yuck, I never want to get old.) Had a blast playing Bingo (Seriously,it was fun but I never got to yell that 5 letter word.)

Visited with my in-laws. My mother-in-law and I are, for lack of a better word; "polar opposites"-Country Mouse and City Mouse but we've learned to love each other. She,the country mouse, with her pine trees and oak decor is a subscriber to Country Living Magazine. I was flipping through one of the issues and gasped--"I love this magazine"...Who knew? We have something else in common.

The above is a "handmade" project from the magazine. I want to make one so bad!! Added vintage teacups to my thrifting list-now to just find the time.
It was a perfect day for the pumpkin patch that we never got to-next weekend. No lesson today-living instead of learning, I guess.

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