Friday, May 30, 2008

Swinging in the Rain..

'Tis the season for graduation parties and the onset of summer. My daughter brought home her yearbook last week signifying the end of another school year. After she finished pouring over it, I sat down to look through it. It's always fun to put a name to the faces of the drama. (She's 14 and there is nothing but these days.)

My favorite part of any yearbook (next to the Homecoming Royalty spread) is the seniors and their quotes. Some cryptic, most cliche, and a handful of originals. I searched for kids I knew and what they had to write about the world-what words inspire them.

I came upon an original (at least I think it is. If they are song lyrics that I'm not hip enough to know-my bad).

"I laugh until my abs hurt, swing in the rain, and paint pictures in purple."

I know this child (or her parents) and if she didn't write these words, they sure sum what I know of her to a tee.

Her graduation card above, inspired by her words.

I don't think we had quotes in our senior yearbook. If they did, I think I would have had to use a cliche. The original probably would not have made it past the editors.

Funny how you grow out of that 18 year old self. For some of us, it's a good thing. For others of us, well, we probably had our peak lives in high school.

So paper crane wish #2 goes to Rachael. (As you can see, I've a few to give away.) First,that this NOT be the peak of her life-just the beginning. And second, that she always find laughter, never be scared to get wet, and to paint in whatever color she wants.

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