Monday, May 5, 2008

Paper Cranes. Yes, Paper Cranes

I've been in "lurker" mode on a blog that I read about in the Star Tribune last Sunday. This young man lost his wife after childbirth a few months ago and has used his blog as a means to cope, to remember..There is a fantastic photo montage of him and the baby. It's about halfway down this page...There is a picture of the baby surrounded by paper cranes. As I read, I realized his family and friends hid them around the house after his wife died. The symbolism in the photo is enough to put you into tears.

I googled "paper cranes" and learned that they symbolize life, longevity, health, loyalty, and purity. It is said that to have the patience to fold 1000 of them you will be granted your greatest wish.

I know it's bit like wishing on a star,a little hokey and juvenile, BUT at least folding paper is a tangible activity (doing) rather than just thinking.

I'll run out of patience (Gemini-they can't stay on task to save their souls) before I get to 1000 so I'll make up my own rules. For each one, someone else gets a wish.

The first one was a bit rough, this was the third one (still rough). I finally gave up and used notebook paper. Here's the instructions if you'd like to give it a shot yourself.

So wish one goes to Madeline (the inspiration for even trying to fold the damn thing), sweet dreams and to feel that your mama loved you every day of your life.

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