Sunday, May 18, 2008

He's better at this creation stuff...

If you've read any of the 11 (now 12) posts on this blog you will know that I have read Eckhart Tolle's, A New Earth. I'm rereading and digesting (this means reading with a highlighter in hand) for a second time. (If you've not tackled it I can't even give a summary. I'm not sure I get it myself. )

My highlighter found this quote (page 278 for the diehards); "Whenever there is inspiration, which translates as "in spirit" and enthusiasm, which means "in God"; there is a creative empowerment that goes far beyond what a mere person is capable of."

So, I'd like to think that when I am driven by some force to literally create something, I'm on a direct conference call with the "big dude".

As a child of a very religious family (I'm not kidding-we're talking nuns and priests.) There was a picture hanging on our dining room wall. I'm not a religious person, but a believer nonetheless, and this is still the image I conjure when I think of him. (especially if him and I are on the above mentioned call for any length of time..)

So, I created.

(Sew Everything Workshop by Diana Rupp...."Flouncy Tank Top")

Apparently, he too, was busy. (I found his handiwork in my backyard today.)

Well, he one-upped me. Show off.

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