Sunday, March 30, 2008

Whine or Wine..You choose.

5 Pretty Maidens all in a row.

I have a huge bin full of scrap fabric and had been wanting to do something with these leftover lovelies. Aha, scrap use # 102-Wine bags.
I had found a tutorial last year and used my memory to reconstruct these "scrappy" bags. I tweaked the measurements a bit but the bag is expertly tailored to fit a 750mL bottle of Yellow Tail Shiraz.

I enjoy giving my handiwork as gifts and thought-make a wine tasting set (4 numbered wine bags, 1 bottle of wine cheap wine ($2.99 Foxbrook Merlot;the girls can buy the rest, AND a set of wine tasting scorecards.) Depending on the recipient, you could also throw in a wine topper, some glass markers, and Pier 1 wineglasses.

I got out my trusty Microsoft Office program and created the scorecards which I thought I would share.

Stick some cardstock in your printer-hit print and you've got yourself a gift or your very own party.

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