Friday, March 28, 2008

"Were there none who were discontented with what they have, the world would never reach anything better. " -Florence Nightingale

That Florence, one smart lady. Thank you, universe, for the encouragement. (And thank you Florence, for your words.)

The sun is shining today which seems to seep into those dark spaces that winter creates. It's Friday, which is probably my favorite day of the week, and it hasn't disappointed me yet.

I ordered this fabric from Sew!Mama!Sew! a.) because I can see it used to upholster a fantastic, raggedy, antique chair in my dream beach house and b.)if my senses aren't failing me; these beachy, nauticalesque prints are a hot trend these days. I knew something good could come from a yard or two of this.

Can I say that I have ordered fabric from other on-line retailers and this place has the best presentation. The fabric comes wrapped in twill tape bow, includes an idea card of creations, and includes a little goodie with my order. In this case, the red ribbon used to close this tote is courtesy of Sew!Mama!Sew!. Thank you, too!

Spent the afternoon creating this tote...I love how the fabrics blend and I experimented with some heavy duty interfacing-which makes this bag sturdy and able to stand by itself. For creating my own pattern, I think it turned out well. Off to enjoy the sun, and meet the kids at the bus stop. Ahhh, the life..(if only for today.)

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