Friday, February 21, 2014

Soul Sisters

This is a 2-part post on soul sisters; I have at least 4 of them, one hasn't a clue I exist but we'll get to that later. 

Anyone who really knows me, especially one of these 3, knows that all they have to do is whisper a doodle task and I'll drop the dusting, the laundry, and the need for nourishment. Hell, I'm nourishing my soul--who needs to eat?

The conversation happens something like this:
SS: "I know you're really busy but I kinda volunteered you to make our button this year. Hope you don't mind and you can say "No"."
Me: "Are you freakin' kidding? You know don't even have to ask."

The funny thing is sometimes these doodles end up resembling her & I. I don't try to do that and I never realize it until after the fact. 
Once again, here we are. (Immortalized on this small town swag.) 

Which gets me to the soul sister who has no idea who I am. 
It's "nesting season" here--cold, snowy, ish. For me, I hate it all except that it gives me an excuse to stay in and create. Sometimes, creating with someone else's art is better than my own. 
Her drawings inspire me, are much like my own, and are so damn cute. (Plus, not having to wait for an etsy purchase is right up my instant gratification alley.)

She hasn't a clue, but embroidering her design was just what I needed yesterday. 
Thank you, Soul Sister Lilipopo.

She calls it "Catching Wishes". I call it love.

Which got me thinking (surprise, surprise) that you might need a brain break.

So here's a B&W copy of the "Girls on Escape"--Print it out. Color It. Embroider it. Frame it. Whatever you want to do--just don't sell it. (Karma, remember?) 

Call your soul sister. Tell her Thank you. Make something.

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