Sunday, February 16, 2014


I've got a case of the "post-holiday, post winter vacation, mid-winter darkness, almost 40, need a change but haven't a clue" blues. Well, that's a mouthful.

Big thinker, not so great on the execution front. So instead of launching (ie doing something about it), I retreat. How's that for keyboard courage?

Retreat isn't always wrong but a healthier balance could be better.

During this retreating phase, I keep myself doing what makes me feel like me. What makes me stop thinking about the future and keeps me in the NOW.

(It's all about rewards. One could ask themself, "Why are you treating yourself with a reward of allowing  yourself to be yourself?"
Well, that, right there, is dysfunction at it's finest.) 

Anyways, this illustration probably says it all. 

Doodling & reading. A doodling bibliophile. Amen. 
You can buy this print @ my Society 6 shop--along with some other goodies. 

Go doodle something..I'm off to my happy place.

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