Monday, October 14, 2013

I went to London: Custom Cards

I judge a really cute outfit by how badly I want to doodle it. The doodability factor also applies to purses, haircuts, shoes, inanimate objects-whatever strikes the old inspiration chord. 

 A co-worker of mine just returned from London. She went to the Cath Kidston store while traveling abroad {be still my heart--I cannot imagine how pretty this place is!} and came back with this.

She modeled her bag for us, shared her tales, and my "inspired chord" was struck.
She was my doodle subject for the evening.
She's mentioned more than once that she'd like a copy of her doodle so I got to work.
I turned her doodle into a little gift.

A few little note cards packaged in a clever envelope made just for greeting cards--I'm sharing, don't you worry.
The "envelope" tutorial is right here. Thank you, Nicole!
And just in case you don't have any time to doodle, I've created a download for Meg's card that you can just print on cardstock and cut.

{You may use for personal use only...Art karma. It's really a bitch.}
I hear Cath's website calling my name.

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