Sunday, May 5, 2013

Chic, Rhymes with Geek

The Doodles

A free Saturday is like winning the lottery over here. I choose to use mine with a sharpened pencil, some pinterest inspiration and a blank piece of paper.

I've been OBSESSED (yes, all capitals are necessary) doodling really cute outfits since I took a skillshare class. (We've talked about this class before-but seriously for $20 you get to learn from some of the best!! Go search or sign up--not kidding.)

Speaking of the class; lookies who's (least favorite) sketch made it to Katie's blog--Now how's that for making your Wednesday complete?

Since doodling crap from my own closet gets really old, I started "pinning" images of outfits I love. The current collection is from a stylish blogger Blair Eadie @ Atlantic Pacific. She puts together the most inspiring ("doodle-able" & wearable) things. 

Sources: 1,2,3,4
(#2 is an old Kate Spade--still love the colored tights..)

I just recently entered the world of the IPhone--late adopter since T-Mobile just recently started carrying it. I bought a customizeable clear case from Target and it set the idea wheels in motion.

Just what am I going to do with all these damn doodles? Oh yeah, make my phone pretty.

You can pretty yours up too......

Read below to download your own set...

It might important to note that I have this case, this download will work for sure with this one. I can't guarantee these will fit in others but I gotta believe they might with a little snipping.

(If you don't have a clear case or an iphone5, I'm working on it...stay tuned.)

Oh yeah, did I mention that I'm offering this as a freebie??? You can download yours here.

Happy Sunday!

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