Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Marilyn

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Lately, I've had this obsession with piercing my lip. Am I too old to do this? I think as long as you can do somthing with confidence, age doesn't matter.

I thought that, still do to a certain extent, but I've also seen lately some serious fashion no-no's from confident women trying to pull off too short skirts, and too tight shirts. Belly baring should be reserved for toddlers only. If you bend over and can feel a breeze-don't do it. Confidence or not, it looks plain dumb.

Sometimes I just want to bust out of my shell---die my hair blue, pierce my lip, stand up and tell the rudey tooties that they're just plain mean, tell the dude bragging about his 6+ figure income that I'm so unimpressed, say to the complainer to just please leave me alone that I don't care.

Will that then make me look just plain dumb? Will it make me sound rude? Will someone think less of me?

What am I so scared of? Does everyone have this longing to change it up?

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Stacey said...

Though I'm not w/you on the urge to have blue hair or pierce my lip (I'd go w/you though), I think we all have the need to shake it up once in awhile.

You only get to be here once, if you want to show up for awhile with blue hair and a pierced lip - GO FOR IT. Your 80 yr old self will be happy you lived not just the length, but the width of your life too.