Monday, February 8, 2010

Artist Class...OMG!

If Teresa wasn't enough, I found another group of ladies who fill my heart....Artist Class.
This was last Wednesday's project.

Hello newest weakness..paper shoes.

Mine didn't turn out quite as sturdy as I would have liked so, I improvised.

And glued them on the top of pink bakery boxes. (Of course I have pink bakery boxes just lying around. Ridiculous.)

What a fabulous gift box! I can't wait to give Valentine presents in these. They were scattered around the shop this weekend, they are sooooo coming back home with me.

Oh, to the very, very sweet lady who visited me this weekend. The one who's daughter is a "cupcake queen", you know who you are. This is for you:


Stacey said...

LOVE those shoes!!

beth larson said...

Hi Rebekha! Just wanted to say thank you for posting the tutorial (I think for me-:) )...I am in the process of gathering the supplies and can't WAIT to try the cupcakes. My daughter looooved the cupcake and sparkly letter A you so graciously gave me-thanks again so much and I look forward to seeing you again. LOVED your shop! You are a sweetie pie.
(p.s. I'm curious about the artist group you mentioned in your post)
Have a fab day, Beth

rebekaha said...

Beth-Thank you for the fabulous comments. Please share the cupcakes when you get them made! The artist class can be found here...