Thursday, April 2, 2009

I have keys!!

You are looking at the front door to the Urban Market. Yes, it's official today--the shop is mine.

Needs a little (well,er, a lot) of love but I thought it would be fun for us to watch the transformation. Not much to look at today but I'm anxious to see what this imagination of mine can come up with. If you think I've jumped off the face of the earth, I didn't. I'm just here.

My studio was whining about my lack of attention so I gave it some affection this evening. I thought if I let myself create and not think about the work ahead of me (just for one day), I might be able to sleep tonight.
I overheard a woman I work with, let's call her Sissy, say one day, "I'm pretty. I don't have to be smart." I laughed and then quickly scribbled down her quote. She's a garage sale queen and has given me a few supplies from her stash.

Her thank you gift above.
Sissy lives her life and doesn't take herself too seriously. She just is who she is, she does what she does. Sissy definitely sleeps at night-without waking up to google one more thing or to add to "the list". She believes ironing is a waste of time and stretchy pants are a gift from God.
Ah, Sissy? I think you're maybe smarter than you think.

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Jessie said...

I am excited to watch the transformation unfold. I have a feeling that it is going to be fabulous! :)