Friday, July 26, 2013

Whatcha' Been Doin'?

I was reminded today, since the high is only 68 degrees, that summer doesn't last forever around here. I've been trying to stay outside and enjoy the sun. Trying to remind myself that there is more than enough "studio time" when the air turns frigid and the skies dark.
But if something is in our nature, it's hard to go against it.
Taking this class , so after the bike rides, coffee on the patio, sunny activities, etc., (PLUS a 50 hour big girl work week) are done for the day, I paint patterns.

Lots of them. Turn zee brain off and let the brush do the talking.
Then when the brush is silent, you wonder just what in the hell you are going to do with all this paper.
No worries...class in session. It's called "SEWN" for a reason.
Project ONE: Pattern Journal
I've made 2; both are full of clean white Bristol paper. I can hardly bring myself to touch the insides.
{Do you think I have a slight obsession with neon pink?}
Plus, I have a really hard time starting a new journal (even if it does have another purpose) before I finish up the one I'm currently working in.
I'm on the last signature of #6; see?
Mine are full of doodles and quotes.

..and renderings with commentary on what I wear. Yes, riveting and insightful. :)
So much substance, I tell you.
The sun is calling.

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