Monday, March 28, 2011

Here's a little known fact. I always wanted to be a hair stylist.

At the time, I thought there was no virtue in attending beauty school. The dumb girls went to cosmetology college and I was no dummy.

Seems to me, now, that a good stylist is really hard to come by. Through personal experience {and trial and error} there is a great need to be properly educated in this craft.

Guess the joke is on me.

Five Finger Tippy Tuva's (as my kitchen salon is dubbed} probably won't make the Aveda salon list but....I can still dream and try. (And collect images of pretty hair.)

via Glamour

This one makes me wish I was one of those dollies we had--the one where you pull her hair and it magically grows.

via Marth Stewart

The perfect shade of red and the perfect bang sweep.

Via The Sartorialist

She looks so cute-the very perfect hairdo. I've always envied dark curly Italian hair. So thick. So unlike my very fine straight locks.

Twiggy--I think she is absolutely beautiful.

And Paris, though I don't personally enjoy her has the cutest hair when it's short. I think I'm just mildly obsessed with SJP but I love her hair here. The whole ensemble is inspiration worthy.

Sense a trend here? Me too but I look terrible as a blond.

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Stacey said...

I love Paris' hair in that pic. I may have to go short again!

Is it a coincidence there's a resemblance between Twiggy and the owner of Tippy Tuva's?