Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Born in A Barn and Other Random Thoughts

Everytime we buy a lottery ticket, we have the same discussion. Much like the rest of the gambling world, we play "Just what would you do?"

I want to live in a barn. An old, stone and leaf covered place. Acreage with huge trees and sun that rises to peek into my kitchen windows. A dusty old place with pockmarked floors and a fireplace where the mantle starts at my forehead.

A place for a studio high in the rafters. A home that smells like apple pie and clean linen sheets.

So, now that working for the sole purpose of making money is over-what then?

-Sewing classes. To make replicas of these:

-Time for creating

Just the beginning of the Big list. And sorry to say, no winning numbers this week.

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